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Enhance Professional Competitiveness: Unlock the Supply Chain Management Advantages Certification

Globalization, technical innovation, and consumer demand diversification are all obstacles to modern supply chain management development. As a supply chain professional, are you ready to overcome these challenges?

The supply chain is managed by controlling information flow, logistics, and capital flow, beginning with the purchase of raw materials and ending with the delivery of products to consumers via the sales network. It is a functional network chain structure that connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end users as a whole.

The CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) is a brand-new international certification developed by ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) to address the rapid changes in the field of the supply chain management industry. It is the first and only authorized certification of supply chain professional qualification.

Individual Education and Credentials

As you can see, the knowledge system of CSCP covers CPIM (Production and Inventory Management Certification) and CLTD (Logistics Transportation and Distribution Certification), so it is considered to be the best course for learning end-to-end supply chain.

CSCP certification is intended for professionals who are interested in improving their supply chain management knowledge and those who work in the field of supply chain management, including: • People who want to master the relationship between suppliers and customers, international trade, and how information technology is applied in the supply chain field. • Professionals engaged in production, logistics, procurement, customer relationship, financial budget, and other management work. • Professionals who implement ERP and SCM.

The program covers a wide range of topics and skills to be successful in the field. In topic 1, you will review the fundamentals of supply chain management, and analyze case studies for forecast accuracy analysis. In topic 2, you will examine network design, optimization, and risk management. In topic 3, you will learn about strategic sourcing practices, data analysis exercises to assess supplier performance, and cost reduction strategies. In topic 4, you will develop your analysis of Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, and process improvement techniques. In topic 5, you will analyze of reverse logistics procedures, sustainability considerations, and green supply chain initiatives. In topic 6, you’ll build and manage supplier and customer relationships. As well as role-playing activities to practice relationship management skills. In topic 7, you’ll evaluate the risk of supply chain management and mitigation strategies. In topic 8, you’ll analysis of sustainability practices and their impact on supply chains.

Fun Fact:

According to the report “The Supply Chain Profession in 2023: Salaries and Careers Across the Globe” by ASCM, people with a CSCP certification can boost their salaries by 36% when compared to those who do not have a CSCP certification.

Ready to elevate your Supply Chain career? Don't miss out on this precious opportunity! Utilize the top-notch training courses led by industry professionals offered by ASCM to prepare for the CSCP exam.



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