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Unlock Opportunities, Certify Dreams, and Ensure Career Success

Your Journey to Excellence

Earn Certification

Complete our SCM program and earn a valuable certification.

 Prepare for the State Exam

Get ready for the state exam with our comprehensive program.

Get Rewarded

Pass the state exam and receive a $500 stipend as a token of our appreciation.


About Our Partnership with ASCM

Tadaca Educational Solutions proudly partners with the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), a global authority in supply chain and operations management. This collaboration ensures our SCM certification program aligns with industry standards and offers unmatched quality and recognition.

With ASCM's support, you gain access to industry experts, cutting-edge insights, and an expansive network, enhancing your journey towards excellence in supply chain management. Join us to advance your career with confidence, backed by the prestige of ASCM.

Proudly Sponsored by the New York State Department of Labor

Our certification program is honored to have the support and sponsorship of the New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL). This prestigious partnership underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality education and career opportunities in supply chain management. NYS DOL's recognition further solidifies the value and credibility of our program, making it an excellent choice for aspiring professionals in New York and beyond.

Career Advancement
Earning Power
Industry Recognition
 Job Satisfaction 

Certify Your Expertise, Secure Your Future





Completing the entire SCM certification program by successfully finishing all the modules leads to full certification recognition in the field of supply chain management. This comprehensive certification acknowledges your expertise across various aspects of the supply chain


Credentials and Micro-Credentials

For a more specialized approach, you can choose to complete specific modules and earn credentials. Additionally, you have the option to accumulate micro-credentials for mastering individual skill sets. These micro-credentials can be combined to form a comprehensive certification that reflects your expertise in your chosen areas within supply chain management.


Badges for Module Completion

If you prefer to showcase your achievements as you progress, you can earn badges for successfully completing each module in the program. This approach allows you to demonstrate your expertise in specific areas of supply chain management as you collect multiple badges along your journey toward full certification.

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Additional Resources

Program Brochure

Explore our comprehensive program brochure to get an in-depth understanding of the SCM certification. Learn about the curriculum, benefits, and more.

Program Overview Video

Watch our informative video that provides an overview of the SCM certification program. Discover what awaits you on this educational journey.

More Information

Visit our partner site, ASCM, for additional information about supply chain management and how our certification aligns with industry standards.

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